Reversed gravity?

I am an Instructor in Applied Mathematics at MIT.

At MIT, I collaborate with John Bush, Pedro Reis and Peko Hosoi at the crossroads of the departments of Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.



Les calanques de Marseille

Prior to joining MIT in 2014, I received my B.Sc and M.Sc from Ecole Polytechnique and Cambridge University, and my Ph.D. from Université Pierre et Marie Curie. I pursued my postdoctoral studies at EPFL in Laboratoty of Fluid Mechanics and Instabilities. Over the course of my studies, I have worked with Basile Audoly and Neil Ribe, my Ph.D. advisors, Dominic Vella, Alain Goriely who I visited several time in Oxford, John Lister from DAMTP, François Gallaire and Charles Baroud.

For more details on my resumé and a complete list of publications follow this link. My research is concerned with the mathematics driving the world that surround us, from mundane situations such as the coil formed by honey falling onto a toast to the self-similar solution describing the curling of blood cells during egress of malaria parasites. I concentrate on studying the the dynamics of fluids and flexible solids, with particular attention given to non-linear effects which I explore combining table sized experiments, precision numerics and theory. I strive to take the best out of these complementary tools to rationalize the physics underlying such systems. See this page for a more detailed statement.

I believe that research is only meaningful if shared to the widest possible audience. Owing to its curiosity driven nature, my research has been covered in the press. See the following link for the most meaningful articles.