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Peer Reviewed Publications  

  • Fluid mediated structures

A Lee.,  P. T. Brun, J. Marthelot, G. Balestra, F. Gallaire, P.M. Reis, (2016). Fabrication of slender elastic shells by the coating of curved surfaces. Nature communications, 7.

Holmes, D. P., Brun, P. T., Pandey, A., & Protière, S. (2016). Rising beyond elastocapillarity. Soft matter

  • Viscous Elastic Threads

Brun, P.-T., Ribe, N. M., & Audoly, B. (2012). A numerical investigation of the fluid mechanical sewing machine. Physics of Fluids24(4), 043102. doi:10.1063/1.3703316

Audoly, B., Clauvelin, N., Brun, P.-T., Bergou, M., Grinspun, E., & Wardetzky, M. (2013). A discrete geometric approach for simulating the dynamics of thin viscous threads. Journal of Computational Physics, 253(C), 18–49. doi:10.1016/

Brun, P.-T., Audoly, B., Ribe, N. M., Eaves, T. S., & Lister, J. R. (2015). Liquid Ropes: A Geometrical Model for Thin Viscous Jet Instabilities. Physical Review Letters, 114(17), 174501. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.114.174501

News and Views: Verberck, B. (n.d.). Fluid dynamics: Sticky stitches. Nature Physics, 11(5), 380–380. doi:10.1038/nphys3327 and Physics Synopsis 

  • Flexible objects

Callan-Jones, A., Brun, P.-T., & Audoly, B. (2012). Self-Similar Curling of a Naturally Curved Elastica. Physical Review Letters108(17), 174302. doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.108.174302 (see also Physics Synopsis)

Brun, P. T., Ribe, N., & Audoly, B. (2014). An introduction to the mechanics of the lasso. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Science470(2171), 20140512. (Press coverage)

M. K. Jawed, P.-T. Brun, P.M. Reis (2015). A Geometric Model for the Coiling of an Elastic Rod Deployed Onto a Moving Substrate. Journal of Applied Mechanics, 82(12), 121007.

P.-T. Brun, B. Audoly, A. Goriely and D. Vella, The surprising dynamics of a chain on a pulley: Lift-off and snapping, Proc. R. Soc. A (2016 in press). arxiv version

  • Interfacial fluid mechanics

Brun, P.-T., Nagel, M., & Gallaire, F. (2013). Generic path for droplet relaxation in microfluidic channels. Physical Review E, 88(4), 043009. doi:10.1103/PhysRevE.88.043009

Nagel, M., Brun, P.-T., & Gallaire, F. (2014). A numerical study of droplet trapping in microfluidic devices. Physics of Fluids (1994-Present), 26(3), 032002.

Amselem, G., Brun, P.-T., Gallaire, F., & Baroud, C. N. (2015). Breaking anchored droplets in a microfluidic Hele-Shaw cell. Physical Review Applied.

Brun, P.-T.,  Damiano A., Rieu P., Balestra G. & Gallaire F. Rayleigh Taylor instability under an inclined plane (2015), Physics of Fluids (1994-present),27(8), 084107.

  • With the chemists

Campbell, V. E., Guillot, R., Riviere, E., Brun, P.-T., Wernsdorfer, W., & Mallah, T. (2013). Subcomponent Self-Assembly of Rare-Earth Single-Molecule Magnets. Inorganic Chemistry, 130419110556007. doi:10.1021/ic400098c





Bigoni, D. (n.d.). Extremely Deformable Structures. Springer -- Chapter 3. Dynamic curling of an Elastica : a nonlinear problem in elastodynamics solved by matched asymptotic expansions (B. Audoly, A. Callan-Jones and P.-T. Brun

Presentations and Invited seminars

  • Recent presentations

Yanking a chain: Lift-off and snapping, APS March meeting (2015)

The chocolate-egg problem: Fabrication of thin elastic shells through coating, APS March meeting (2015)-- presented by Anna Lee.

Coiling of elastic rods from a geometric perspective, APS March meeting (2015) -- Presented by Mohammad Jawed

The mechanics of trick roping, APS March meeting (2014) -- Invited Session: Toys and Mechanisms

Oval track droplets racing to a circle, APS Division of Fluid Dynamics (2013)

A numerical investigation of the fluid mechanical sewing machine European Conference for Mathematics in the Industry ECMI · Lund, Sweden (Jully 2012)

The Physics of lasso The Physics of Sports · Oral presentation · LadhyX · Ecole Polytechnique · Palaiseau, France (April 2012)

Analysis of the fluid mechanical sewing machine APS March Meeting, extreme mechanics · Oral presentation · Boston, USA (February 2012)

Numerical Simulation of the fluid mechanical sewing machine APS Division of Fluid Mechanics · Oral presentation · Baltimore, USA (November 2011)

Direct Numerical Simulation of viscous coiling European Conference for Mathematics in the Industry ECMI · Wuppertal, Germany (Jully 2010)

  • Invited seminars

MIT · Physical Maths Seminar · Cambridge, MA · Fall 2014

MIT · Physical Maths Seminar · Cambridge, MA · Fall 2013

LadHyx · Laboratoire d'Hydrodynamique · Palaiseau, France · October 2013

PMMH · Physique et Mécanique des Milieux Héterogènes ESPCI · Paris, France · December 2012

IRPHE · Institut de Recherche sur les Phénomènes Hors Equilibre · Marseille, France · September 2012

MSC · Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes · Paris VII, Paris, France · May 2012

LFMI · EFPL · Lausanne, Switzerland · February 2012